Busy October…

Cupcakes and macarons

Cupcakes and macarons seem to be the dessert of choice this October. I had so much fun making these and thought you all would want to see what this obsessive macaron maker was up to. The above dessert table was for a bead store opening. The Fandangled Bead store is located at the Shops at Stony point. I can’t believe the selection of beads in this store.  I can see how gorgeous it would be to decorate a cuppie with beads except I have to make sure that no one eats the beads: "Warning, take beads off before eating!" πŸ™‚


My other store event was for the 30th anniversary of Rostov’s Coffee. The "Hungry" hubby has been getting coffee from them since 1985 and they have the best selection in my opinion. We like to mix the following beans (equal amounts): Excelso and Yirgacheffe.  And boy, did we underestimate how much macarons and cupcakes were needed. Since the owner was also having an oyster roast with other finger foods, I told her not everyone was going to eat dessert. Well, that day the weather was freezing and it was raining. Guess what the customers wanted first when they came in: coffee. And what went so well with coffee? Macarons! The 200+ macarons disappeared in 45 minutes. The 156 cupcakes? 30 minutes later.

Cupcake tower 1
Cupcake tower 2
Chocolate-Espresso/ Vanila Vanilla macarons
Caramel/ Pistachio/Passion fruit

In hindsight, it probably was not a good idea to put the macarons by the coffee area.


Chocolate cupcakes were the first to disappear

Owner said, she would order 500 of each next time. Ofcourse, I hope she was joking.

And here’s another little project for a small wedding. Rose cuppies.

Rose chocolate cupcakes

37 thoughts on “Busy October…

  1. You know, you could probably make fake beads with gum paste, fondant or something. My sister does wedding cakes and could probably figure it out. She’s done some pretty amazing things.

  2. I wouldn’t be able to look at anything in the store with all that beautiful food laid out! Very nice work. The flowers are just gorgeous

  3. Your cupcakes are always stunning… It’s hard to imagine such a silly little cake being so elegant, but you manage to pull it off, and then some!

    And hey, busy-ness in the food industry is a very good thing, so congrats. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh…incredible. I’m glad to see the story behind the tweets. How on earth did you make all of those perfect cupcakes? They are absolutely gorgeous. What I wouldn’t give for a bite right now!

  5. It’s great to hear that you are so wonderfully busy lately! Love that second to last shot where we can see a cupcake “in action” too πŸ™‚ It all looks wonderful.

  6. Thanks Everyone!
    Cakespy – that is my favorite pic, too!
    mlaiuppa – I actually have a bead maker, but it’s too much work…I am not the most patient of bakers. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m not surprised they disappeared very quickly. I would ask for seconds, thirds of fourths. They look absolutely fantastic. Congratulations on that one. You’ve done so many macaroons in your business. I haven’t done it not even once. I should try it soon. πŸ™‚

  8. Was wondering which brand of cupcake liners you use? Do you buy them on line? Love your blog! Beautiful cupcakes.

  9. Arum A – I cut the petals individual with rose petal cutter and then flattened the tips with my thumb. The method is by Peggy Porschen pretty party cakes.

  10. I LOVED reading about the kitchen stores in Paris. One of my friends went to Paris last month and didn’t visit a single one! I envy you that beautiful jam pot–enjoy it well.

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