J’etais ici

Eiffel Tower, on a cold rainy night

It was like another world away, this place we refer to as the old world. My first time in Paris was surreal, I can’t believe I was there. Twelve days of eating, twelve days of trying to fit more into my belly, I was bursting at the seams, but I soldiered on, it was for research after all.
I have sampled as much macarons as I could and I’m glad I could now say which one is undoubtedly superior. Best hot chocolate? I have that for you too.
How about the best duck confit? You’d be surprised at what I think.
The French are great people, the myth that they are rude is simply just that, a myth. The most unfriendly of French are those I met at the restaurants around the touristy areas and I simply think they were just perpetuating the myth of their rudeness – part of the "tourist" package. More about that later.

Technical Discussion room

I am also very excited to share here  the completion of my 2-day macaron stage at Pierre Herme’s pastry program. It was intense and tiring but I have learned a lot and it will take me days to decipher my notes. It had a technical track and “Hungry” Hubby thought it was a chemistry class as I had graphs of ph-balances of different ingredients and how these affect your product. Did you all know that Pierre Herme and Laduree use the exact same recipe for their macaron shells? It’s the procedure that is different. Hmmn..not sure if I was supposed to divulge that. Anyway, if you all would like to know which method – French, Italian or Swiss meringue is best for you then check back in a week or two. I will be blogging about the food of Paris first then do a recap of the class.

Me, filling the mac shells 🙂

29 thoughts on “J’etais ici

  1. Looking forward to your Paris posts and cant wait to hear about the PH stage sounds really interesting, I would love to do it but unfortunately no professional background

  2. Can’t wait to hear more. Have thought of going in the “off season” to avoid the tourists. How cold is it this time of year? Do you speak the language? Was the class in French only?

  3. Bunny – It was not that cold when we went but it rained almost every day. Now that we’ve left it’s going to be sunny 😦 but it gets colder. I speak a little French to get by at a restaurant or a shop but couldn’t understand so well. The class is in French and English. Instructor speaks it in French and translates in English…I feel sorry for him as it must be hard to keep on translating.

  4. thank you so much for this sharing ! can’t wait lo learn more about about the difference in the procedure of italian meringue methode

  5. veron so good to read about post from you- we thought you had disappeared in Paris. youre so right about the French- the ones in the touristic areas are a bit “short” with you probably a self-fulfilling prophecy. enjoy your time there Veron. sending best wishes, shayma

  6. Ahhh.. that’s the cooking class that I wanted to join.. but it was fully booked.. (I’m going to Paris this weekend).. I can’t wait to hear your opinion about the macaron class! 🙂

  7. Wow and Awesome! How fabulous that you got to that class! I know that’s got to be the stuff your dreams are made of.
    Love hearing all about Paris. Our feelings are it’s Americans are rude first. Gorn & I have never found the French to be rude.

  8. Veron, how exciting, isn’t Paris simply the best! We love it there and try to go as often as we can. If I had my way, we would live there! How was the course? I have heard about it before, always thought it would be a fantastic thing to do when there but never get around to checking it out!

  9. Hi Veronica,

    Do you have a professional background to qualify? Just curios as I thought you were in the techie field and just started blogging when you were trying to make macarons and allowed readers to read about your adventures?

    Also, where can one get more info on how to get into the course?

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Veronica,

    What method (French, Italian, Swiss) is used at PH vs Laduree for the same recipe. What is the difference between the Italian and Swiss methods and the differences in results they produce.

    Love to hear your thoughts.

  11. alex – I run an online patisserie called Petites Bouchees. I’m not in the techie business at the moment. Trying to find my niche, so to speak. I think it’s midlife crisis. 🙂 PH and Laduree both use Italian Meringue, I will cover that in the post after the food of Paris.

  12. 12 days in Paris is like dying and going to heaven! And macarron classes to boot! Woohoo! Way to go! Dying to read more about it. Looking forward to seeing you in Baguio too!

  13. Can I be your apprentice in making macaroons? I know the experience would have been different if I learn it from Paris. But you’re the expert. 😀

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