Macaron day in RVA

Who says only Paris and New York can have a Macaron day? I’m declaring one here in Richmond! So stop by at Rostov’s coffee starting at 10:00 am tomorrow, March 20th. I’ll be handing out free macarons, 1 per person (but my arm can easily be twisted) until supplies last. No gimmick, I won’t be selling macarons at all, they are all for giving away. I won’t take your name, email address or phone number, no strings attached. You can ask for my business card but I’m closed for orders anyway till the 15th of May

So why am I doing this?

For the love of this delightful confection, that’s why. 😀

See you there!

I’ll update this post later with flavors. Right now I need to start baking.

Flavors for tomorrow:

chocolate – espresso buttercream

hazelnut – caramel fleur de sel

Pistachio – Valrhona chocolate ganache

Almond macaron – passion fruit milk chocolate

Almond macaron – olive oil and vanilla ganache

19 thoughts on “Macaron day in RVA

  1. Veron,

    It was so nice meeting you today and thanks so much for the macarons–a lovely anniversary dessert for me and my very Hungry Hubby 🙂 All the best to you!

  2. I too have been obsessing over macarons. I think I have finally figured them out ending up going back to instinct. Yours look wonderful

  3. Wish I could have been there. Right now I’m in my kitchen starting to beat my egg whites for macarons. S3econd attempt- trying a recipe from Jean-Marie Anuzou in this month’s ‘France Today’. The article is entitled ‘The Macaron Wars’. Wish me luck.

  4. I’m devastated I missed Macaron day! And at Rostov’s at that (I get my coffee there). The job took over and I missed this post. Sigh. Hope to catch it next time!

  5. Hi amazing macrons!!! I make these for my family at Christmas I was wondering do you know where I can find plastic trays to package them so they don’t get as crushed in the mail?

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