What to do with cake wrecks

It’s interesting how camera phones can capture some of life’s greatest moments. Like when you drop a cake on the grate while taking it out of the oven.

sunk cake

Okay, I may have underbaked it a little, but letting it slip from my fingers back into the depths of the oven did nothing for its survival.

Anyway, I was determined to make the best out of this episode and with nothing to lose, started experimenting with pastry cream to mix with the chocolate cake chunks. Plus, I had some fresh strawberries to throw into it. This is the end result.

Chocolate chunks with vanilla and chocolate pastry cream…oh and strawberries 🙂

Needless to say it was delicious.

decadence in a glass

No recipe here. This whole process is part of my experiment on getting big chocolate flavor from cakes made mainly from cocoa powder. This one is close, but I want to try it next time with natural cocoa rather than the dutched-process variety because the latter tend to lose most of its flavor from the removal of its acidity.

20 thoughts on “What to do with cake wrecks

  1. You saved it! The result looks even better. Can’t wait to read your cocoa recipes. Is Valrohna cocoa powder dutch-processed?

  2. Veron, I’m so inspired by this post! I am totally the person who, when something doesn’t turn out right, tosses it in the garbage in frustration. I need to be more creative, for sure!

  3. I have an aunt who bakes cakes on the side, and when one didn’t work out right she would slice it thin and place the pieces on a rack in the oven at low temp till the cake become dried and toasted like a cookie or toast. great to snack with coffee. I also recently saw a post for cake balls in which the cake is crumbled and mixed with frosting then covered in cocoa or the like to make a sort of truffle, never tried that but it sounds good.

  4. Oh Veron I recently had a wild leaping episode with a Lapis Legit Cake on the very last layer … leapt from my hands and landed on the oven door … BUT looking at your cake “wreck” makes me thing a “wreck” can be the path to success 😉 I think I’d love a glass!

  5. That cake wreck looks more like the most delicious chocolate and berry verrine I’ve seen. Sometimes the best desserts come from very happy accidents!

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