A cupcake state of mind

Some cupcakes with bling

I got into the wedding business last year and learning and experimenting with new designs and recipes are an ongoing project. The first thing I ask the bride after the event date is whether the wedding is outdoor or indoor. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but unfortunately you are at the mercy of the weather. In Richmond, the weather is very erratic , it could be already 90F and extremely humid in May and this limits the frosting possibilities for your cupcake. Fortunately, my buttercream had withstood 95F and a very humid June but there are other options albeit not very tasty ones.

Fondant, whether homemade or not, can never taste as good as buttercream, whipped cream or cream cheese frosting, but one thing it’s got going for it is the possibilities it offers up as a lovely canvas and its ability to stay pretty while everyone else is sweating buckets.

Fondant-covered cuppies

Some people hate frosting (like my darling “Hungry” hubby) so domed-cuppies with half-inch buttercream and flat-topped ones with just enough frosting (or even strained apricot jam) to attach the fondant are options.

Sometimes I get carried away with er…the decorations.

blossom-filled cupcake

Sometimes, one can just forget the bling and go for scrumptious triple-threat chocolate goodness – chocolate cupcakes, filled with chocolate pastry cream and glazed with bittersweet chocolate ganache. 😉

Triple chocolate

I’ll be busy this week. Broad Appetit is June 6 and I’ve got some prep and baking to do. Wish me luck!

24 thoughts on “A cupcake state of mind

  1. Veron they are gorgeous – admittedly I have never been a fan of fondant, but they sure look pretty! And the inside of that cupcake looks so moist! Yum…

  2. Awwww, they are so pretty and classy! I love the dainty decorations. I’d love to learn how to work fondant and decorate cakes….



  3. “Stunning” doesn’t even begin to cover it- Your cupcakes are works of art! Seriously some of the most beautiful incarnations of cake I’ve seen lately.

  4. I can’t conceive of anything more irresistible than a cupcake. Really, I can’t! These photos are an impressive testament to why I’d pass up almost any dessert for one of these little darlings! Where do you find such brilliant liners?

  5. absolutely gorgeous. i have a box of fondant in my cupboard that I’ve been afraid to break out… this is so inspiring!

  6. Thanks Everyone!
    Liz – see you at Broad Appetit!
    ST- The pink liners are wilton and don’t really fit into the cupcake pan but is more stand alone. You can get the black liners from sugarcraft.
    Katy – fondant is easy to work with for cupcakes, it’s when you have to cover a large cake that it is hard, so break out that fondant. 🙂

  7. Veron, these are gorgeous! Also, the previous entry’s cupcakes… you’ve outdone yourself!
    Btw, I tried a couple of times to comment from my blackberry but find I am not able to… I also realized that I can’t really read recipes from the blackberry either, the formatting isn’t clean and things lie over each other, etc. Thought you might want to know…
    Anyway, keep up the good work, good luck @ Braod Appetit!

  8. These cupcakes are gorgeous!!! I agree that while fondant doesn’t rate as far as taste, it sure looks pretty. Love the filling in the triple chocolate cupcake – yummo!

  9. Wow, you are SO talented! These look totally beautiful… I wish I could decorate cupcakes half as good as you 🙂

  10. I mean this with all the kindness ever, they look like itsy bitsy Tuxcakes. Darling…

    You are one talented lady, such patience and finesse. I can just image the taste…

    Thanks for sharing Veron…Good Luck and Have FUN!!!!

  11. Ok, Whoa. These are gorgeous and totally elegant! I have been practicing my cupcake-making-skills the past few months and have come up with nothing so beautiful as your cupcakes! I clearly need more practice…

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