Get ready for Broad Appetit 2010!

Mark your calendar for this Sunday, June 6th, because it’s Broad Appetit 2010!


There will be macarons and cupcakes ofcourse! Macarons are great make-ahead treats because they need a couple of days to mature in flavor. Here are some behind-the-scenes from my marathon macaron baking sessions…

Chocolate macarons waiting to be filled with Espresso Buttercream

And my favorite macaron to make…

Passion Fruit-Milk chocolate

My least favorite thing to do is washing dishes…

Empty bowls of ganache

Don’t worry, that ganache left on the spatula and bowls won’t go to waste and was done on purpose. 😉

10 thoughts on “Get ready for Broad Appetit 2010!

  1. I can’t believe how many you make at one time. You’re such a pro! So can you give a bit more of an explanation about how they mature in flavor? I thought they should be eaten straight away. Please enlighten me. Thanks!

  2. El – The shell and the filling need to become “one” so they will complement each other. Moisture from the filling will mature the shell. buttercream has less moisture so it needs a minimum of about 48 hours, ganache is more moist so 24 hours is minimum. Macarons taste best between days 3-5.
    Tanna – 😉
    Trissa – don’t worry, that has been taken cared of. 😉
    Jenny – I’m marching over to your booth to try that banana cake with dulce de leche and the coconut too!

  3. I won’t be able to make the trip. Any chance you can send a box or two???

    Or, I’ll wash, if you feed me…

    Thanks for sharing, Veron…

  4. I hope the Broad Appetite went well. What are those liners you are using for your pans? Better than silpat? Cheers,


  5. Oh my goodness…that’s really a lot of macaroons! Now I just wonder whether it would be fun to make that many. I think I will drop out half way…haha. The washing….thought your hubby can handle that 😛

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