Macarons, macarons, macarons…

A cupcake

Is it Wednesday already? I’ve been held hostage by macarons of late, around 600 hundred of them in the past two days and there will be more coming out of the oven in the weeks to come.

Which explains the lack of new recipes here lately. I’ll be in a couple of bridal shows in the next few weeks, so if you know anyone who is getting married here in Richmond be sure to let them know about the following bridal seminars and showcases:

July 25th

An Engagement“  at the Hilton Garden Inn, downtown

August 15th

“Wedology 101″  at the Wyndham Virgnia Crossings Resort

Thanks for all the suggestions for the dessert table! I’m already excited to test out some recipes that would make fabulous bite-size sweets. And yes, I’ll not forget something fruity!

And the winners of the Crate and Barrel gift cards are:

Lady Wild  “The dessert table needs something with fresh fruit. Mini-pies,   dipped strawberries, etc.”

Rouge Cook ” Whenever I see dessert spreads, I always go for the cannolis, eclairs, tiramisu, anything with fresh berries, and anything chocolate.”


Peadee Fudge Pops





12 thoughts on “Macarons, macarons, macarons…

  1. Good golly Veron those little Peadee Fudge Pops are so beautiful, cute at the same time but really beautiful!
    Busy is good. Congratulations.

  2. Hi Veron! I was just wondering if you could make a entry on how you transitioned from baking at home to making it into the wedding biz. I’ve been thinking of doing macarons myself since there’s only one person in my town who does it…i just love weddings but it must be pretty hectic? 😛

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