I love tarts!

Three tarts

The truth is, between cakes and pies or tarts, I prefer tarts and pies more. Except in the case of brownies which I don’t consider a cake but more of a food of the gods – given a dessert choice, I’d gladly pass over a perfectly delicious cake if presented with good old-fashioned warm apple pie.

There’s something about feeling the pie/tart dough taking shape between your fingers that is so oddly gratifying. Which is why I am so ready for the fall!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to score the tastiest plums from Whole Foods. I immediately thought of turning them into tarts but I wanted to try a new frangipane recipe.

I found a pistachio frangipane recipe from Aran’s blog, Canelle et Vanille and since I had some roasted shelled pistachios which I couldn’t use for macarons (either I ordered wrong or I was sent the wrong item), they sounded perfect for these tarts.

I sliced the plums thicker than what these tarts normally use because I really like the plum flavor to be stronger. This might make your frangipane cream more wet which was what happened but everything was simply delicious and worth it.

Pistachio Frangipane from Canelle et Vanille

200 grams butter, softened
200 grams sugar
2 eggs
60 grams flour
200 grams pistachios, ground to a fine meal

Cream the butter and the sugar together. Add the egg. Scrape and mix well. Add the flour and the ground pistachios and mix until all ingredients are well incorporated.

If you are only going to use a little bit of this, you can freeze the leftovers for up to 2 months.

Bake the tarts at 375F for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

I used my sweet tart shell from here.


I’ve been having blogger’s block, lately. The truth is I’ve been doing a lot of experimental baking but I think because of these baking marathons, I’ve been too tired to document them in a meaningful way. Hopefully, I’d get over this funky mood because I so love writing about food!



13 thoughts on “I love tarts!

  1. That’s a gorgeous tart Veron; I’ve had it bookmarked from Aran’s blog forever! I think she had made it in the long rectangular tin, and I love the way you’ve presented yours! I love frangipane & these tarts are fab! Hope the mood gets funky soon!

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