Gift ideas for the holidays!


christmacs small
Macaron gift boxes


Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been cooking but it’s mostly dishes that really have no recipes – you know the kind that you make up along as you go. ;). Anyway, just want to help the great folks here in Richmond put together their Christmas list.

         For a short-time period, I’ll be offering macarons in half-dozen for $9.00, these make perfect (and yummy) gifts for co-workers. These will be available starting the first week of December.

        The usual dozen for $18.00 and 2-dozen for $35 is also available but now you will have a choice to have an assortment of 3 or more flavors.

        Please email veronica AT petitesbouchees DOT com if interested.

        And if you are wondering how to display a dozen macarons for a holiday table, a compote dish makes the perfect vessel.

Macarons in a cup





4 thoughts on “Gift ideas for the holidays!

  1. Um, those photos- those macarons- I am drooling. Seriously, I miss stopping by your site. Sorry for my lack of commenting and appearances- I haven’t read anyone’s site much lately, but that is all about to change. No more books for me until I finish reading blogs! 🙂

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