LFM: Pizza tonight, anyone?

quick artisan pizza

With pizza, the most contentious topic has to do with its crust. After disappointing pies from some of the newest pizza joints around Richmond, I am just thrilled that the best is still homemade pizza – well sort of…

Pizza tonight is a company that specializes in artisan pizza dough & also a variety of pizza sauces and toppings. I was dubious about it at first, but after seeing Jason’s results, I was curious to try it.

So over New Year’s weekend I brought home 4 doughs and my new favorite cheese, Quadrello di Bufala. My first pie was a disaster, I was trying so hard to imitate what was shown on a video, I think I overworked the dough. I also tried the parchment over grates method but my crust never browned and I ended up with something akin to plastic.

Disappointed, I look at Jason’s pictures again and wondered what I did wrong so I left a comment about my results and received a quick response from Victoria of Pizza Tonight.

For my second try, I decided to use a pizza stone and let the dough come to room temperature longer and went crazy with “flouring” it. I handled the dough minimally and I mean really minimally – I almost did nothing. I let it hang from my knuckles to let it stretch, flip-flopped it a little and transferred it immediately to parchment paper, topped it and then straight to the oven.

Pizza came out in 8 minutes and was fantastic! The crust was crisp and the edge was chewy, I could have eaten the whole pie but of course I had to split it with the hubby.

Hubby wanted to make the next one and decided to go without the parchment paper. As you all can see we had a slight issue transferring the pizza and it ended up elongated but it was still delicious.

Watching the crust puff up is so much fun!

I made the last one with some tomatoes and mozzarella. I would have added basil but didn’t have any at hand.

We’ve decided that with the stone and oven at 500 F, the pizza will be done in 9 minutes…any longer and the crust might go from crisp and chewy to being a jaw breaker.

Not sure we will be ordering pizza for delivery again because we (hubby and I) are hooked on making our own, it’s so easy and sure beats the 45 minute wait for delivery, plus it’s fresh out of the oven – what more can you ask for. 🙂

Warning: Hubby has burned the roof of his mouth on several occasions so be careful. Fresh-out of the oven pizza does have its drawbacks. 😉

Pizza Tonight is available at:

Relay Foods
River City Cellars
Nates Taco Truck Stop – 315 N. 2nd Street Richmond, VA

* I’ve been busy in the kitchen and am working on 2 posts for this blog. One is the longest apple pie recipe ever and the second is about my ramen-making adventures – yes the macaron-maker has become a noodle-maker, so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “LFM: Pizza tonight, anyone?

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  2. I’ve been so obsessed with making my own pizza lately that my fiance bought me a pizza oven. I LOVE it! The more you make it, the easier it gets, too 🙂 Your pizza looks beautiful!

  3. That Pizza Tonight dough is soooo supple. As much as I love making dough at home, it never comes out anything like Victoria’s. And you’re right, the reward is immense for such minimal effort. My greatest successes have all been white pizzas (usually just a garlicky heavy cream and chz mixed up until it doesn’t run too much) and then really off the wall stuff nestled down in it: brussel’s sprouts, caramelized onions, potato slices, sage leaves, roasted cauliflour. Basically, gratin fodder. The heavy toppings spread thin against that light crust – POW. Always a hit.

  4. Tonight we had delivery pizza; now, seeing this post, I really wish I had a homebaked one instead. I brought my pizza stone to Manila but sadly, it does not fit in my new oven. Sigh.

    Between this and the macarons in your previous post, I would be all set for dinner and dessert! 😎

    Happy New Year!

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