Petites Bouchees Broad Appetit Menu

Lemon Curd Raspberry Tartlets

I figured there will be other vendors with cupcakes so I’m skipping that this year and instead will be offering a favorite tart of mine: Lemon curd raspberry tartlets.

As usual, I’ll be offering macarons in packs of two. My classic flavors will be in full force:

chocolate-espresso buttercream

hazelnut-salted caramel

pistachio bittersweet chocolate ganache

almond passion fruit milk chocolate

almond raspberry white chocolate ganache

almond vanilla buttercream

And new to Broad Appetit this year, my favorite Chocolate-Chocolate


Dark Chocolate Black Currant Ganache

Black Currant Ganache


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache made with Richmond’s own Reginald’s homemade peanut butter.

dark chocolate peanut butter

All prices are $3.00.

7 thoughts on “Petites Bouchees Broad Appetit Menu

  1. Your macarons look so wonderful. May I ask about the raspberries on your tarts and those in the classic Ispahan–do you glaze them to preserve them?If not how do you store them until eaten and how long do they last please? Thankyou

  2. Hi Susan,
    I do not glaze my raspberries. I usually prepare the open faced tarts, the most is the day before and the Ispahan no longer than two days. both are refrigerated.

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