The meaning of pie…is a pie pop!

The Pie pop

I know, I know, I just waxed poetic about pies and tarts in a previous post. The thing is I couldn’t get them out of my system just yet and I don’t think I ever will or want to.

And then, uhm, there are pie pops.

I’m not sure where I first saw these cute little bites, but it seems Luxirare and then Bakerella had blogged about them way back in 2009. The one complaint was that there wasn’t much filling in proportion to the crust. Now y’all know that doesn’t go well with me. Something might look cute but it has to taste good first.

A 3-inch diameter pie is perfect on a 5-inch stick. I’ve surmised that it’s best to precook your filling because a) the filling wouldn’t be cooked by the time your crust is done b) fruit in pies creates a lot of moisture and results in a soggy crust which is the last thing you want and c) it’s easier to scoop up and portion into your dough.

The good thing with fruit fillings is that you have 3 basic ingredients: fruit, sugar and cornstarch. And with that, the possibilities become endless.

I really wanted to make a peach pie pop, but I didn’t have any peaches at home and I was kinda tied to the house baking macarons and tarts for a bridal show. Besides I didn’t want to head out because the weather outside was just SO hot!

But I guess I was willing to fire up the oven to 375F to bake pie….so go figure.

Thankfully, I did have blueberries and I know just the perfect recipe.

Anyway, my first go-round making these I had some pies slide off the stick. I tried putting 1 tablespoon of filling first – yeh, wishful thinking, but it was really heavy and I knew right away that the pop won’t hold. I compromised with 2 teaspoons and though it still felt a bit heavy, it presented the best crust-to-filling ratio.

This is still a work in progress, but I’m pretty confident in the direction I’m heading, I’ve even made them for a bridal show and none fell off the stick! Next would be for the Farmer’s Market. 🙂

I’m still determining if I’m going to stick with Sherry Yard’s tender and flaky pie crust that can be found here or try a sturdier crust.

Hopefully, this wouldn’t spiral into another one of those Macaron Chronicles, but who knows how far my preoccupation with the pie pop will go. 🙂

Anyway, for those interested.

1. Roll out your dough and cut out 3-inch circles

3-inch discs

2. You can insert the sucker stick two ways. Load up 2 teaspoons filling and lay the stick on it.

2 teaspoons of filling



As I found on Bakerella’s website, lay the stick first and then cover with filling. I found this method more effective in keeping the pop sturdy.


3. Then you lay your top crust – you may apply water on the edges but sometimes I forget and the seal was fine – and seal with the sucker stick or with tines of a fork.


4. Brush with egg wash (yolk + cream) and bake at 375F for 12-15 minutes or until the filling bubbles through. I like chilling my pops first before baking but it’s a matter of choice.

5. Whatever you do, do not wiggle the sticks right after baking, let the filling firm up and it’s best to set the pops on a cooling rack.


Uh, some of my pie pops ended up with strange expressions. I realized it’s best to put the vents near the top. I also started making pie pops with no vents at all and they were fine. The filling will seep out from the sides and as long as you let them cool properly the seal will be fine.

Blueberry Filling

makes about 18 pops

from tom parfitt (UR)

2 cups blueberries
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon cornstarch
juice and zest of half a lemon
pinch of salt

Mix berries, juice, zest, sugar, cornstarch and salt in a saucepan. Allow to stand for a few minutes to allow the juices to run. Set on a stovetop over medium heat. Cook until thickened and your mixture has turned purple.

6 thoughts on “The meaning of pie…is a pie pop!

  1. I’ve seen these around and always think they’re SO adorable!! Yours look perfect (and are delicious, too, I’m sure!!).

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