Some blog revisions….

More pie pops 🙂

This blog is undergoing some subtle changes. If you all haven’t noticed, I’ve trimmed down the categories and have added a top navigation bar to access some popular categories directly like the Macaron Chronicles. Displays now include a thumbnail of the first picture which will help with post identification when looking for recipes or topics.

I’m also working on the Macaron FAQ (frequently asked questions) page as a distillation of what I’ve learned through all the chronicles and also what questions readers usually email me about.  Please be patient as this will be a work-in-progress for a couple of weeks.

Also, please check out the Culinary Obsessions category at the bottom of the sidebar. This is like my featured posts and will give readers an idea as to my blog’s tagline.

I was also featured on Richmonddotcom’s “Five questions with a Foodie”, read the interview, here.

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