A hodgepodge of sweets

A very chocolate cake

Didn’t mean to be so quiet on this space the past couple of weeks. Sometimes when you get busy in the kitchen, sitting down to write a coherent post becomes impossible. My main focus the past few weeks was to miniaturize my pie recipes. Though the odd cake or cookie do get thrown in the mix.

So I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. 😉

Surprisingly enough, no macaron experiments were done. However I did try out a graham cracker recipe. My purpose was not to sell graham crackers at Petites Bouchees but to use this as a base for my lemon or lime curd tarts. It’s wonderful to be able to control the taste of your graham crackers instead of simply relying on store-bought ones. 

Graham Crackers

And the pies…

Sour Cherry 3″ pielet
Apple 3″ pielet
Pecan Pie Pop

I think I’m on to something with the pecan pie pop. The higher crust ratio is the perfect foil for its butterscotch sweetness and the roasted pecans round up this miniature sweet. I could easily eat 2 of these and I never was a fan of pecan pie until now.

More chocolate. The mousse on this one is to die for. The cake roll itself needs some more tweaking. Hubby said that it needed more chocolate, though I think the mousse itself provided enough kick. 

Chocolate roulade

Looking forward to more experiments next week. Hopefully this heat wave will pass so we can have weather more conducive to baking!

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