The Raspberry Charlotte

Raspberry Charlotte

The unusual heat wave the other week has stifled my desire to turn the oven on but not, apparently, my preoccupation with reading cookbooks. Which makes this dilemma all the worse because now I’m left with a long list of things to cook or bake.
My addiction to cookbooks are well documented on this blog. It’s not that I use every one of them and more often than not I’m left with buyer’s remorse. I have ran out of shelf space and walls to stack them and have more than gone through the familiar exercise of Sophie’s choice…which one to keep on the kitchen shelf, which one moves to the office bookcase and …shudder…which one gets packed up and banished to the basement probably never to be read from again.

I buy books for inspiration, an idea, a thought, a slight nudge to try something I’ve never made before. 

This time it’s the charlotte. I always found them adorable, tied with a ribbon sash looking very girly. There are four layers in this charlotte – an alternating cake and raspberry mousse. Sadly the recipe I based this dessert on had problems and the book is going to be re-issued later, luckily I was informed that I would be getting a replacement for free.

The problem I had was with the mousse, I knew the recipe read kind of iffy and the end product didn’t look very promising. But I already made my sash of lady fingers and I’ve also torte the cake into layers, all that was needed now was a luscious mousse. Darn if I’d let them go to waste. I decided to salvage my mousse in the only way I knew how, folded in more whipped cream (to which I added some sugar to offset the additional cream) and prayed that it will set … and it did … beautifully.

Top with some fresh raspberries  and voila, a gorgeous dessert I wouldn’t mind taking to that next dinner party.

6 thoughts on “The Raspberry Charlotte

  1. Congrats on the great result, even with a faulty recipe. I have had an unusual string of flops lately, and only managed to successful salvage one recipe (a pie became a fruit crisp). GIven our mutual cookbook addiction I wonder if we were actually separated at birth? I was just having the same conversation with myself this morning about taking cookbooks to the basement …

  2. That gorgeous looking Charlotte immediately brought a smile to my face. “Oh how pretty I thought.”

    Then a grin, I too am running out of space to shelve all my cookbooks. I too shutter at the idea of boxing them and putting them out in the shed. I was seriously considering doing some sort of cookbook swap on my blog. Alas, I thought, that isn’t going to afford me more room either. What’s a girl to do, lol…

    Good save on the mousse, Veron. Your Charlotte looks delicious and I’m sure it tasted as good as it looks:)

    Thanks for sharing…

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