The best crepes in RVA

croque monsieur crepe at Amour Wine Bistro

Well, I’ve done it again: disappear for a while from this little food space. I was busy in the last month with sudden influx of macaron orders for weddings and showers plus an all-pie table (pictures in next post) and stylized dessert table for a wedding. I’ve determined that when I’m physically tired, there is no way I can find the inspiration to cook anything worth blogging.

But I ate well.

It’s been a pleasure hanging out at Amour Wine Bistro on Saturday afternoons while selling macarons. In between customers stopping by, owner Paul Heitz and I talk about desserts with a passion. Just talking about a simple but well-made apple tart brings a twinkle to his eye and smile on my face.  

Anyway, I was beyond excited when I found out he would be offering: crepes!

The real kind. 

Fresh Fruit Crepe

Not the sorry excuse some restaurants sell as a way to hold more sorry excuse of a filling.

The joy of eating a crepe starts from the crepe itself. It should be crisp at the fringes but soft, warm and stretchy all around. Which is why a crepe as simple as one merely filled with lemon sugar is such a joy to eat.

Lemon sugar

And of course you cannot not have a nutella crepe. 🙂

Nutella crepe with grape fruit sorbet

By the way, Paul makes the best sorbet and he pairs them expertly with other desserts or wine. The grapefruit is a perfect foil for the sweetness of nutella making for a fantastic flavor profile.

The crepes were offered for Sunday brunch, I think there is a crepe dessert on weekdays but do check Amour Wine Bistro’s website for more information.

3 thoughts on “The best crepes in RVA

  1. Can’t wait to see that pie table! I’m quite a fan of crepes – there is rumored to be a crepe truck somewhere in Manhattan, but I haven’t found it yet. Means I’ll probably have to make them myself. Funny story – when I was a kid, I learned to make crepes on an electric crepe maker – it was the strangest kitchen device you will ever see!

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