Happy Thanksgiving!

 Giving thanks for all this wonderful food, hope you all had a great weekend of family, friends and hearty eating. As the hubby says “Good food, good meat, good God, let’s eat!” { actually that was from a movie and it’s our favorite way to say grace when we’re asked to. :)}

Pernil al Horno

The Pernil al Horno (Puerto Rican roast pork) is my brother-in-law’s specialty and it’s always a dish we look forward to during these gatherings. Another friend brought the turkey and the fixings, sliced ham from heavenly ham and I brought the pies including a turkey shaped pie-pop which I filled with pumpkin pie filling.

Other dishes were 3 kinds of rice: Puerto rican olive and bean rice, Persian cranberry-almond rice and Persian dill-lima bean rice.

I must confess I was halfway full before dinner was officially served because I was sitting in front of the carving of the turkey and pork and was doled out morsels of juicy meat and crispy skin dripping with delicious fat.

thanksgiving2011 table
The thanksgiving buffet table
Thanksgiving pies 

Leftovers were just as good the next day. Cuban sandwiches from the leftover pernil and ham. We made extra mojito sauce to drizzle on the roast pork so it won’t dry out when reheated in the oven. YUM!

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