Lunch at Amour this week…

Duck wrapped in bok choy and shitake

It happens all the time, a beautiful spring-like day comes along and the first thing that comes to mind is where I’m going to have lunch that day. Today I thought of Amour Wine Bistro‘s big window, so perfect for Carytown people-watching.

In order to snag one of those 2 window-side tables, it’s probably best to be there when they open for lunch, 11:30 am. I’ve also decided that I was just going to stick with the salad for lunch and finish off with a sorbet trio.

Boy, am I easily swayed.

Amour Wine Bistro‘s menu changes every week depending on seasonality and wine region. The theme this week was “New French in New Year“. I saw the duck breast on the menu but I still had a strong resolve to order salad until my server, Tripp, told me how good the duck plate was. Duck was wrapped in shitake and bok-choy and baked, it comes with asian slaw (which I love) and get this… the ginger-mashed potatoes was flavored from the duck confit fat (which every “confiter” knows is liquid gold).

I was also really hungry and I didn’t think chewing on salad would satisfy that gnawing in my belly.

What can I say, I loved my lunch…words escape me right now but trust me when I say the combination of everything was simply perfection.

But that was not all. It takes a lot for me not to order the chocolate creme brulee or the sorbets – Paul Heitz is the master of sorbet, I never liked sorbets until I have tried his…they are so creamy you can almost mistake them for ice cream.

The Espresso, champagne and hazelnut panna cotta with raspberry-brioche French toast and pure maple syrup was too hard to resist.

espresso panna cotta

Uhm, I’ll let the “after” plate tell you whether I liked it or not.


The lunch duck plate + dessert was $16.00. I think that’s such a great price for the quality and level of food, not to mention the service you are getting. Here is the complete menu for this week. 

Amour Wine Bistro
3129 W Cary Street, Va 23221

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