Frosty weather, hot soup

Pho at Pho So 1

The weather does not need to dip below freezing for me to crave hot soup. I think eating noodle soup is in my DNA and I would want it in hot humid weather just as I would in these current frosty conditions. However, when the mercury plummets, there appears to be an increased compulsion to seek out that hot steaming bowl of broth, whether to eat or just wrap my fingers around for comfort.

I’ve also seen my twitter-feed explode with people feeling “under” the weather after last weekend’s spring-like air morphed back into winter. By the way, I never remember the winter being this fickle.

Whether true or not, I always felt that spicy food was good for when you get the onset of a cold. Once, the hubby and I were stuck at a company outing on a bitterly cold day that “chilled to the bone” comes to mind. We were fortunate to end up going to a friend’s house for dinner. She was making seafood gumbo and she inadvertently made it too spicy. I mean, we couldn’t take a bite without taking a swig of water. Our mouths were on fire, beads of sweat dotted our foreheads and we were tearing up and sniffling endlessly. Well, by the time dessert arrived, hubby and I were both feeling better. I think the spicy food induced an artificial fever and nipped the virus in the bud before it had the chance to propagate. Again, there is no science behind this so take this claim with a grain of salt. 

So I thought it would be nice to compile a list of noodle soup places for rva folks to have handy; just in case the noodle-soup urge hits them:

  1. Thai Diner – spicy noodle soup. Have it with chicken for a spicy take on chicken noodle soup. Order it as spicy as you can endure when you feel the inklings of a cold. (8059 West Broad Street)
  2. Pho So 1 – my place for authentic Vietnamese pho, very reasonable prices and it comes in two sizes. (6403 Rigsby Rd)
  3. Dalat – for a tamer pho. My hubby doesn’t like strong flavorings in soup and their menu is a great middle-ground between us. (9125 W Broad St # L)
  4. Thai Flavor – chicken noodle soup. You can pick your noodle type: egg noodle, vermicelli, thin rice noodle and wide rice noodle. The broth tastes like the one they use for Tom Yum Goong.(Innsbrooke shoppes – 4040-F, Cox Road)
  5. Full Kee – Roast duck and Hong Kong style noodle soup. Request the breast meat as leg part is hard to eat in a soup. Also, you can add vegetables. (6400 Horsepen Rd)
Full Kee Roast Duck noodle soup

Several suggestions from twitter that I’ve never tried or haven’t tried in a long time include:

Mekong – for pho and they also have a great beer selection. (6004 West Broad Street)

Pho Tay do – for pho. cash only. (6328 Rigsby Road)

King of Szechuan – for hot pot. (3991 Glenside Dr)

If you have any other favorites, please add them in the comments section. 

Happy slurping!

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