A Roosevelt Brunch

Potato, mushroom, sausage hash with salsa verde

It’s rare that you can drag me out for breakfast, brunch is a better option. Why? Because I think the “Hungry” Hubby makes the best coffee and that caffeinated cup is what I’m looking forward to every morning. In fact, every time we’ve had to go out of town we dread the shitty hotel coffee.

Anyway, last Sunday, despite turning in late after dinner and a movie with friends, we were up relatively early and I surprised the HH by suggesting to eat brunch somewhere. I’ve always wanted to try the Roosevelt brunch.

There was one problem. When I checked their menu online, most of the items with butter used vanilla butter. Vanilla and hubby’s nose don’t mix – it tastes like cough syrup to him – I’ve accepted that it’s a physiological issue with his palate and not psychological (okay, sometimes I do wonder).

So scratch the ricotta pancakes. Some of you may ask, “Well can’t you just ask the server to give you regular butter?” Yes, but knowing how the Roosevelt gets so busy, I’d hate to make special requests. Besides, I’m always in the mind that the chef knows best and when you make substitutions you kinda veer away from his vision of the dish.

We arrived 5 minutes before they opened for brunch which was 10:30 am. That’s one thing about me too, I hate waiting for a table and I’d rather be the first one through the door (there was already a group ahead of us though). By 11:00 am, the restaurant was packed.

We were promptly given water and it was a good thing we were ready to order by the time our server returned. In a bustling place like this, it’s best to get your order in before the 4-tops or 5-tops go in (heaven help you if you’re behind a group of 10.)

Which is why I hate to go out in groups to a popular restaurant. Most of my friends don’t seem to grasp the urgency of getting your food order in to the kitchen quickly – we can catch up on stuff later people – heck I wouldn’t let HH use the restroom before ordering.

Yes, I know, I maybe weird, but waiting for food is not one of my virtues.

Anyway, I went for – what else – the fried chicken thighs, cast-iron potatoes, slow-cooked egg and sausage gravy. I’m a fried chicken fiend and a sucker for runny eggs, so this dish is a winner for me. The chicken was crisp and the meat was juicy. HH had a bite of the chicken and thought it needed more seasoning, but for me it was perfect. I thought my potatoes needed crusting as it was touted as cast-iron prepared, but it was still yummy – nothing like breaking the yolk over the potatoes and spooning that medley into my mouth.

Fried chicken thighs, cast-iron potatoes

My hubby’s dish of potato, mushroom, sausage hash was a revelation. The salsa verde went so well with this combination. The sausage was packed full of flavor and reminded me of chorizo. The only catch was, I knew it wasn’t enough food for him which gave us a perfect excuse to get a biscuit as I’ve been eyeing someone at another table tearing into one. Thankfully, the vanilla butter was served separately.

So the Roosevelt is a great dinner and brunch spot. If I just lived closer, I probably would be there every time Kendra tweeted something new on the menu. I wonder if they’ll ever open for lunch?

The Roosevelt
623 N. 25th street

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