LFM: Balkan Restaurant


Cold Appetizer Platter

Cold Appetizer Platter


I’ve kept to the West End for the past year or two and usually ate at home. Whenever hubby and I do go out, Balkan Restaurant, is often suggested. Most of the time though, we’ve just come off a meat fest at home of steaks or kebabs, so we’re guilty of having not gone here for a while. I’m so glad the place seems to be doing well — there was a steady stream of customers when we went there on a Friday night. They even recently renovated their interior.

Their charcuterie platter above is unpretentious, and there’s no other word except it’s damn tasty. I would be happy to have this as a meal with a loaf their lepinja bread.

However, it’ll be a sin not to order any of their grilled meats because they’re seasoned and grilled to perfection. The chicken has a hint of lemon, their ground beef is juicy, and all of them have that fire taste that probably come from a charcoal grill (I’m not certain of this).


Grilled meat platter


For the winter months when grilling is not possible and you crave this kind of food, Balkan is a good option. They specialize in Bosnian fare. Of course if you prefer hearty stews, they always have their Hungarian goulash.

Hubby ordered the sausage and bean special and he absolutely loved it. Simple and satisfying.


Sausage and Beans plate


Balkan Restaurant

8905 Patterson Avenue

Richmond, VA 23239

Closed Mondays


previous review here: http://kitchenmusings.com/2010/12/29/lfm-balkan-restaurant/





2 thoughts on “LFM: Balkan Restaurant

  1. Oooh that charcuterie looks delightful. Well really, everything does! My husband’s family lives in Richmond, so I’ll put this on my list for the next time we’re in town!


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