Canelé (Cannelés) test part 1




The first time I’ve tasted this pastry, I was in Paris. Gerard Mulot‘s pastry shop was a few blocks from the hotel. One bite past its crunchy shell into its custardy interior and this pastry had a fan for life; not to mention it was redolent with the scent of vanilla and the essence of rum. Except, it seemed to hard to find these outside Paris or big cities. For one thing, like macarons, they’re finicky to get right. As always, if you want food a certain way, you have to make it your damn self.

Anyway, this post from Chez Pim got me started on my canalé quest. I would say its partly successful with the silicone molds. The first batch (from the gray molds) tasted too eggy for me, and the second batch (red-orange) was almost right in texture and taste.

I just received my copper molds and can’t wait to get started using them. I will also try the recipe from Gerard Mulot’s baking book and see if it’s less eggy since he only uses yolks in his recipe.



Cross section. A bit too “eggy” in taste.


The white “butt” maybe because I didn’t cook them on wire racks and the heat didn’t properly transfer.



Results from the two different molds








4 thoughts on “Canelé (Cannelés) test part 1

  1. Hi Veron,
    I tried canneles many times with aluminum molds , butter, beawax, saffron oil, etc but I could not get it right.
    It came out lopsided and too ‘eggy’ . I gave up long time ago. Reading your post makes me feel trying again.
    Can’t wait for part 2 😉

  2. Hi Veron!!!
    I had no idea you were back to blogging:) How are you? How have you been??? It’s wonderful to “see” you!!!

    I can’t wait until you get your molds either, lol…Thanks for sharing Veron…So nice to “see” you, or did I say that already, lol…

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