Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen NYC: Fully loaded ramen with fresh and dried seaweed, bamboo shoot, shredded pork etc.

I know, I haven’t posted in a while because nothing interested me for the longest time. I was tired of the RVA food scene because it’s always about the next new restaurant and then the ones I really liked started closing. Case in point, Rocoto Chicken. I realized I’m more of a purist rather than a fusion type cuisine eater. I know I probably need to go to a larger city or maybe keep to the Near West End where most of the Asian restaurants don’t give a damn about Americanizing their cuisine.

On a recent trip to NY, I made it my mission to find the best ramen place. I’ve already been to Momofuku. I’ve tried Ippudo  in HK and didn’t like it too much so I was hesitant to try their NYC branch. Then I find out my favorite yakitori place, Yakitori Totto opened Totto Ramen. I didn’t waste time hauling ass over there at the first chance I got. Fifteen minutes before opening for their lunch hour there was a already a very long line. You sign yourself up on their clipboard and it is a cash-only place. I could quite possibly say, the ramen was life-altering. I finally understood the hype of an awesome ramen. The broth, the noodles, the egg . . . everything came together to deliver that piece of Nirvana. I left the cramped restaurant sated and fulfilled in more ways than one.

Totto ramen bowl 1

Totto ramen bowl 1

I returned with the hubby on another evening and this time I was prepared and we were the first customers to be seated.



Returning to Richmond, I see on my Facebook feed that a ramen pop-up has come to RVA. These were from people I trusted to know good ramen, so I was very excited. I tried to keep my expectations level after coming from a ramen high in NYC, but I am happy to report that Shoryuken Ramen delivered a satisfying bowl of goodness. The broth was fantastic, the pork that came with it was better than Totto Ramen, the noodles were cooked right … although I detected a floury taste.

Shoryuken ramen bowl

Shoryuken ramen bowl

From my own ramen experiments, I’ve noticed this when I had coated the noodles with too much flour because the dough was damn sticky.

Edited 12-30-2014 – returned on 12/30, the flour taste was gone. Clean tasty al-dente noodles!

I would love to have more options like additional: seaweed, egg, meat and noodles. But I understand that being a pop-up, this can prove to be a challenge. I would love to see a brick and mortar location, hopefully with easy parking please and I don’t care if it’s in a strip mall.

Shoryuken Ramen pop-up

Monday and Tuesday, 5pm to 11pm

1213 Summit Avenue (@ Lunch and Supper space)

Ever wondered why Peter Chang opened in Walmart shopping center and Pho So 1 opened their second location where it was? I, for one, don’t want to worry about where to park when I want a quick bowl of ramen. Just some consideration when thinking of location and target clientele. 😉