Flavor of the Gods


This is a quick post about one of my favorite easy, healthy and flavorful combinations. We all know chicken and turkey breasts are low fat and high in protein. They’re a bodybuilder’s best friend. However, especially with turkey, it’s hard to flavor to be palatable enough to taste good.

I have found the ultimate duo of coconut oil and a mixed spice made by Flavor God.



Flavor God‘s Everything spice mix has everything to make this otherwise tasteless turkey breast taste superb. And if you use it on chicken, even better. Sprinkle liberally. It is low in salt, and is Paleo-diet friendly.

You can buy it on Amazon or on their website.


But wait. Try pan-frying the turkey/chicken in coconut oil. We’ve all heard how healthy this is. It has a low smoking point of 350F, which makes it fine for stir-fry, but since I want to sear the breasts more, I usually add a bit of Grapeseed oil.

So try this combination. Coconut oil + Flavor God.


They also have other flavors, but I found their Everything one, the best tasting one.