Progress pics!

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I’ve no time for a real post right now, but I just finished my eight weeks with Zac Smith Fitness last Saturday. Final weight is 114 lbs and pound under my target! I’ve signed up for another round, this time to work on abs and booty. 🙂

I’m also happy with the way I cook and flavor chicken breasts with the use of Flavor God and coconut oil. Will post recipe hopefully next week.

Here are my progress pics. This is from May 23 to July 18. My eight-week progress. 🙂 I have never ever in my 48 years have this shape, especially if you look at the side view, I never had that curve in my back or butt.

Tells you what a couple of lunges and squats can do, huh? 🙂


The program is mostly high protein and low carb, but it makes use of sensible carbs. I caught a glimpse of my next program and I now can eat some fruit, nuts and rice! 🙂








New Goals

When the numbers on the scale become irrelevant.

When the numbers on the scale become irrelevant.


Well, shucks, I thought my next post will be about that last five pounds. It turns out, the number on the scale is but a number now. I’ve reached my “goal” weight, but now it’s time to set new goals. I have two more weeks to go on Zac’s program and I’m signing up again. This time I have specific goals in mind.

The changes in my body are happening fast. When I’m about to write about one change, something else changes. Some are not immediately visible until I turn and look at my back in the mirror … is that my back fat melting away???

The thing is, this journey is not without challenges. Believe me, in my 5th week, I had a tiny rebellion going on thinking what the heck am I doing? Why am I giving up sugar? Why am I denying myself those lovely chunks of pork belly? My resolve was tested. I got invited out to my favorite fried chicken place. But I had to ask myself if it was worth it. I had to remind myself why I signed up in the first place.

Some of your friends won’t get it and that’s okay. You do not have to explain yourself to them and maybe if they see your results, that in itself will be explanation enough and they may join you in the journey.

Zac said that you should do it for yourself. Not for others. I’ll take some pics on my eighth week when I finish this first cycle. I think the recipes for the second cycle will be more interesting.

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I encourage you to follow Zac Smith Fitness on Instagram. Whether you choose to join his program or not, his everyday motivational posts will keep you going and make you think about the best that you can be.





Turn Your Body into a Furnace

Online fitness coach Zac Smith

Online fitness coach Zac Smith


I should have written this post sooner. But with my day job, my new eating plan and workout habits and trying to finish my third book in my Always series, I just didn’t have time. I think it’s best to see my four-week results so far.



I’m on the cusp of a lifestyle change. My mind is still struggling with some aspects of the program, but there’s not doubt if you give your 100% to it, the results will boggle your mind.

But let me back up a bit.

See that guy up there? That’s Zac Smith of Zac Smith Fitness, online coach and motivator extraordinaire. I first saw him on The Inked Boys Facebook feed and what caught my eyes were not the tattoos, but that this big guy was actually in the kitchen … cooking. Then I saw the egg white bag and wondered where I can get it. So, I forgot about Zac and then went hunting for where I could get those egg whites. Then I find out they’re a New Zealand brand. Then I thought: Wait, Is this guy not in the U.S. ? So after a few days I find out his name and that he is an online fitness coach.

Perfect timing, because my jumpstart in my previous post was in a process of stalling.

Now, if there’s someone who is doubtful about all this online stuff, it’s me. That’s why I waited to write this post. As I’ve said before I’m a trust and verify kind of gal. I’m thrilled with my four-week results. 😀

So, what can I tell you about this eight-week program?

  • It is customized to fit your goals, body type and likes and dislikes in food. Be honest in the questionnaire portion of the sign up page. You don’t want to end up with food you hate on your meal plan.
  • There is a lot of food! A lot! But as you work through your program, you will find yourself getting hungrier and hungrier. I find this a good thing and was what appealed to me the most about this program. How can you not love a diet that actually makes you eat more? And it’s delicious! Next post, I’ll tell you about this mixed spice I got addicted to using. Actually, you can see it on the countertop of Zac’s kitchen right now. 🙂
  • It will need commitment and dedication. Funny thing is, results were quick in the first week and I can see every few days. Clothes starting to fit better, I’m getting more toned and I’m actually seeing muscles. This motivated me so much, I can’t wait to get out of bed at 5:30 am in the morning to workout and eager to see what progress I will make.
  • Zac is very responsive to questions. The turnaround time for me is usually less than 24-hours. Especially when you start overanalyzing the changes in your body, doubt will crop up and he is there to guide you.

As of this writing, I’m two pounds away from my goal weight. But I’m going to set new goals. Not necessarily to lose more weight, but to make this lifestyle change permanent and find ways not to lose the essence of who I am— a person who loves and appreciates good food. Also, I’m not stopping until I reach the aesthetic of the abs in my mind and at least build a decent booty. 😉

I want to come up with recipes that would work with the meal plan.  Zac, himself, is generous to share delicious recipes on his FB page like this one for protein pancakes. There are also ones included in the meal plan like his yummy Bolognese. Just the way he combines the items in your meal plan gives you much flexibility with flavors.

I’m in the midst of revamping my pantry and I’m so excited for this new chapter in my foodie life. Check out this leg of lamb filet I made recently. I’m still tweaking the recipe, but boy is it yummy!


So, what are you all waiting for? Go check out his page and know that the man knows what he is doing and talking about!

Website: Zac Smith Fitness

FB page: Zac Smith Fitness Facebook